Heavy man!..

I don't know, is it? What it really means is; what we 'believe' and why we believe it.


So why does this matter?


Because when you're choosing a design company you want to know what they 'believe'. Why? Because you need to know that they are prepared to stand by a view point. And not change opinions like a backbench MP every time you ask an intelligent question!


That's important because to achieve great, effective work, that serves your company well, you need to trust what your design company says. Even if you don't agree with it.


What your design company believes is also pretty import to the relationship you have. You need to be comfortable with each other. If your black is their white and vice versa, it's only going to be a stressful and difficult experience. Even if they have just mopped up all the Design awards this side of Christmas.

So what do we believe?


Well, that ideas are key, but what's more key is that those ideas sell. That they are not a whimsical flight of creative fancy based on a designer's desire to produce work that only looks good in a portfolio. Design needs to work in the real world.


That whether the project is advertising, packaging, direct marketing, digital or branding there is a product truth. That we always endeavour to communicate single mindedly.


And that ultimately the purchasing process ends

with an emotional decision. Do I like it, love it, can't live without it? Do I trust it, how does it make me look?

This makes me feel great!


Yes, this is true, even when you're buying life insurance. In fact, definitely when you are buying

life insurance!


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